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Educating A Eurochristian

EC: Ed you can drop that ridiculous 17th century 30 Years War attuide and accept your fellow Christians as brothers and sisters, especially in a modern world where we Christians must stick together.

My home nation has been Anglican since 1529, most of my family is Anglican I accept that and there is very little I or you could do about it, our Constitutional Monarchy is heavily entwined with the English Church our entire society was built on the Reformation who am I to judge that?

Besides have you ever attended a Anglican communion? It's practically Catholicism without the Pope.

Also how is not accepting Papal authority 'evil'? I suppose you think any nation that isn't Catholic is evil right?


How is it that you think that i'm pro-Pope? It's just a white boys club, just like much of your eurocentric pseudo-catholicism/anglicanism and whatnotism.

No. I don't think that any nation that isn't Catholic is evil. I'm not a white colonial missionary ma…

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